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“The Masks”

Face masks have become the new normal ever since Covid-19 arrived. It has been a global pandemic since then. It is now impossible to go outdoors without wearing masks. Since the pandemic is still high around us, Face Masks are now considered the essential items during this time. Although many countries made it mandatory to wear the Mask, many of us are confused about what type of Mask will protect us against the Covid virus, Pollution, and other contagious diseases.

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  • The Ideal face masks for protection against the coronavirus block large droplets and small minute airborne particles.
  • The Masks for protection should usually be multilayered.

How to Choose and What to Choose”

Choose the Mask to protect against viruses, not impress others with Designer Masks, or go with Looks. First, let’s see how efficient or sufficient your Mask is. Try to blow a Lighter/Matchstick/Candle while wearing your Mask. A good mask should prevent the flame from extinguishing while you are blowing it. It is not a final test, but it will allow you to choose the suitable Mask for you.

The studies recommend multilayered cloth masks for the general public. The ideal Mask blocks both large respiratory droplets from coughs and sneezes (The main reason for the virus to spread). In addition, the Mask should Seal around the nose and mouth, as any gaps or vents could allow droplets to leak out and infect others. Assuming that masks are worn appropriately, based on the research below are the comparison between various types of covers.

masks,n95,covid 19 mask,double mask,best mask for covid


Which is Better”

In general, the fabric used to make the masks should weave as tightly as possible. Materials with higher thread counts are better. The World Health Organization recommends that covers should have three layers. The inner layer for absorbing, the middle layer for filtering, and the outer layer from non-absorbent material like polyester.N95 is the most protective. They seal tightly around the nose and moths. Therefore, few particles seep in or out. They also contain the tangled fabrics to filter out airborne particles.N95, as the name refers to 95% minimum efficiency.

Surgical masks, which are usually disposable, seem to be more effective for blocking flu particles when compared to hybrid / homemade masks.





As the study reveals, Bandanas and other types of covers are more inefficient against protecting viruses. However, the protection will be dependent on the way how they are worn. Below are the most common mask type used across.

  • Bandanas
  • Home Made Mask
  • Store purchased Cloth Mask
  • Neck Gaiters
  • Surgical Mask (Disposable)
  • N95 other Medical Use Masks

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