Types of Sages and How To Use Them for Smudging – Complete Smudging Guide

Types of Sages and How To Use Them for Smudging – Complete Smudging Guide

When we talk about smudging with sage, what kind of sage are we talking about? There are actually multiple kinds of sage each with unique properties especially when it comes to smudging. So, how do you tell the difference and how do you use it properly.

If you have asked the above questions to yourself then this article on types of sage and how to use them for smudging will definitely give you all the answers.

In this article we will be talking about types of sage and types of burning methods so that you will always know how to smudge successfully.

Sage is considered sacred in indigenous culture due to its cleansing, calming and spiritual properties. But, what is the difference between Desert Sage and White Sage and how exactly is each type used. Continue reading this article for further information on how to smudge successfully.


How To Smudge | Types of Sages and How To Use Them for Smudging | Complete Smudging Guide

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Types of Sages and How To Use Them for Smudging – Complete Smudging Guide

There are two common types of sage

  • Desert Sage : You may see desert sage growing natively depending on your location
  • White Sage : White sage is a bit difficult to find but it is not impossible

What is Desert Sage?

Desert sage also known as purple sage is a beautiful shrub that grows in deserts and produces deep blue and purple flowers. Desert sage can be used in rituals, ceremonies, house cleansing or simply for its fragrance. It has been used for thousands of years as way of purifying one´s self or one´s environment through smudging.

What is White Sage?

White sage is commonly used for smudging and has been long used for ceremonies, and teachings. It also has distinct anti bacterial and medicinal properties. White sage is used for releasing what is troubling your mindset and cleansing negative from people, places or objects. White sage is linked to traditional healing and protection.

Now you have an idea about types of sages, let us look at how you can use these sages for smudging.

You can smudge using sage by 2 ways

  • Sage Bundle 
  • Loose Sage

How to smudge with Sage Bundle?

Smudging with a sage bungle or sage stick is a convenient and easy method.

  • Benefits of smudging with a sage bundle

This is the quickest way to start smudging because the preparation has been already done for you, you just need to light up the stick and let it burn to completion, as you move around or sit in your space. Some people like this type of smudging because it allows you to move with freedom, this type of smudging can also be used in group setting.

How to smudge with Loose Sage?

Smudging with loose sage can take more time when compared to bundle sage, but this can be a rewarding process. To smudge with a loose sage you need a safe place or a safe fire burning container, once yo have a safe container to burn then you can light your loose sage and then let the smoke waft over you. Some people prefer this method of Smudging because it allows them to guide the smoke with their hands, especially if the intention is to wash the smoke over your head or body for personal cleansing.

FAQ On Smudging

Why my smudge is not working? Why does a smudge fail?

You have smudged but felt like its not working, there could be many reasons.

You might have done smudging for different reasons you might want to feel better, find clarity, refocus or get rid of negative energies

  • You have not set any clear intentions.
  • You are asking for something you don´t need.
  • You are not smudging consistently.
  • You haven´t asked why.
  • You are not focusing on yourself.
  • You are not focusing on your intentions correctly.

Final Thoughts On Smudging

No matter which type of sage you choose or how you choose to smudge, the most important thing to remember is to smudge respectfully, responsibly and with clear intentions. The more honest you are with your smudging process and what you hope to gain from it the more successful you will be.

Many people grow their own sage and people also purchase it online, do let us know in the comment box about which smudge you use and how effective is that.

You can consider a few best sages online below and purchase them.

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We hope this article on smudging and types of sages will help you in performing smudging the right way.

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