The Cycles and Stages of Labrador(Dog) Development

The Cycles and Stages of Labrador(Dog) Development


There are different stages of growth for a puppy, the same as for human beings. They pass on each cycle from small puppies to huge adults. Each stage is a milestone for a dog and needs different care at each stage, like what kind of needs to be given, what type of training is required, here we will go through some of the stages and basic actions needed at each stage.


Stages Month by Month

O to 2 Months

This is a very early stage of a Puppy. During the first two weeks of the stage, usually, the puppies are blind and deaf, which continues to be until 2-3 weeks. As the puppies’ teeth are not present, they cannot control the body temperature. They sleep most of the time, the mother dog takes care of all the need which are essential for the puppy.


2 to 4 Weeks

This stage of the puppy is called the Traditional stage. They start opening eyes and start responding to sounds, light, and Movements. Their Teeth start coming. They do not have enough strength, and they usually stumble. At this stage, they start recognizing their mother and siblings. Mother milk is enough for the puppy at this point.

3 to 4 weeks

The Senses start getting activated during this period. They are alert and aware o the things around them. We need to be very careful to avoid any changes as the negative occasions can impact the dogs’ personality and development. The puppy must be with the mother as it every crucial on toe dogs growth

4 to 7 Weeks

At this stage, the dogs start socializing and learning the most important things in their development cycle.  Interaction with humans is very crucial during this stage. The Food can be introduced during this stage. Start giving smaller quantities and slowly increase the quantity if the puppy is away from Mother. Start socializing with Dog as much as possible as this stage is a critical phase in the growth.

8 to 12 Weeks

This stage is for dogs the second stage of socialization and fear period. They get nervous easily with almost everything around them. Try to ease them with calmness and avoid harsh disciplines. They need to have plenty of interaction with us during this period. We can start leash training and start teaching simple commands.

Do not bring the dogs near stray dogs and unvaccinated dogs as they are prone to chronic diseases.

Vaccination Schedule

Check with Vet for the vaccination schedule and Keep the dog vaccinated on time.


The Food requirement is different at every stage, and to understand the food requirement, please consult the vet for Diet and Schedule of the foot at each stage.


Training a dog is a very challenging aspect of Dog naturing. Choose the trainer wisely before you hand over the dog for its training.


Final Thoughts

Appropriate care is needed at every stage of the Dog’s life, similar to humans, from Babies to Adults. The way we grow, the quality of dogs depends on that. So we need to aware of the changes in the dog’s life cycle and their behavior understanding

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