3 Quick Tips For How To Slow Down Kiteboarding

Slow Down Kiteboarding

This is a short article, but it will help you find the best way on how to slow down your kiteboarding. It took me a lot of time to get the perfect balance of speed, control and stability. I hope that I will be able to help you. This article is about the big tips and tricks of a kiteboarder.

Even though it’s been around for over a decade, kiteboarding has become a much more popular form of extreme sport as the technology that was invented to allow people to get high amounts of air time (the wings) became more and more advanced.  The latest innovation, however, is the new generation of kites.

The kiteboarding world has changed a lot in the past 15 years, and while there are still a lot of kite boarders out there, there’s less interest in them than there used to be. The money is now in ski resorts and snorkeling, so getting into skiing and snowboarding has become more popular.

If you love to kiteboard, why not slow down a little bit? This applies for both beginners and experts. There are different techniques that you can use to slow down a kiteboard. Some of them are relatively easy, while others are not so easy but absolutely essential.

Without wasting much time we will jump into our main topic of how to slow down kiteboarding.

So, you have finally learnt how to kite surf and going along the water surface.But, how do you actually stop that’s something we see with lot of beginners, the exciting part is to get up and running but how do you slow down your kite without crashing?

Lot of people end up crashing and stop playing this sport, so this article will take you through 3 different ways on how you can slowdown and hopefully you will get some confidence and feel comfortable when you are kite surfing.

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How To Slowdown Kiteboarding

Reducing the kites power

When you are flying with your kite you should try to reduce the power of kite and you can do this by sheeting out, one of the things about sheeting out is you lose control over steering a little bit. This is the done by many beginners and it is very easy to apply while you are kite surfing and trying to slow down. If you are going for your next kite surfing trip do follow this tip on how to slowdown kiteboarding.

Move Kite Back to 12’0 Clock

In which ever direction you are moving you need to turn your kite slowly towards 12’0 clock position so that the kite loses the speed and you will have a slow down kiteboarding. When you move your kite towards 12’0 clock your kite will be losing the upper lift, this will really help you to slow down.

Edge Hard in Upwind

Start pushing away from the kite and start edging upwind and that extra force from your board will actually slow the kite down and it will also slow down your momentum as well. This is used by many experts and this technique is useful when you are moving faster with your kite.

Which is the best way to Slow Down Kiteboarding?

Now you have seen 3 tips on slowing down your kite but which is the best way out of these 3? Well, it is suggested that you need to do mix and match of these 3 tips for a perfect landing.

You start to move your kite slowly to 12’0 clock and edge harder then sheet away a little bit and that’s really help you to slow down.


We hope this article on how to slow down kiteboarding will help you to kite surf with ease and comfort, we will be coming up with more such tips on kite surfing and in the mean time if you have any other suggestions please use the comment box.

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