The Ultimate Revelation Of Runa Kakegurui

In this article you will read about The Ultimate Revelation Of Runa Kakegurui. Please be aware that runa is a minor character in Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler, so runa’s information may not be very thorough.

Runa made her first appearance during the second round of the hyakkaou academy tournament. She became familiar with Yumeko Jabami after she helped her find her lost book. When runa approached yumeko to return it, yumeko stated that runa should just come home with runa instead since runa didn’t have any friends. runa joined Mizari dean’s room chat soon after, but was often left out because she was only interested in books and had no real interest in games or gambling unlike the rest of the members (i.e. runa only got talked about when they wanted runa to read letters for them).

Runa did not take part in the run-for-class presidency election until near the end of the series, when she was forced by yumeko to run for president (yumeko had threatened kill her if runa didn’t run for president). runa won class president but yumeko took away all of her money and made it so that runa would be put in debt so no one would vote for her again next year. However, runa claimed that she never ran in order to win but merely “to have fun.”

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While being shown around school on her first day at kakegurui academy, runa was lost and ran into yumeko. runa had run away from her home because she had no interest in her family’s business (possibly a fashion or modeling agency). runa said that she wanted to have fun instead, so yumeko suggested runa join the club chat run by bonui – which runa did. runa seemed to admire yumeko a lot and stated how wonderful it is to be with “the most popular person in school.” runa refers to yumeko as “older sis” but they are not actually related.

In episode 4 of season 2, runa gives gamblers anonymous letters written by hyakkaou’s gambling board chairman, saying if you do what it says, the chairman will help you get out of debt. runa tells them it’s ok to reject him too if they don’t want his help because runa herself has never seen him before. runa would often write letters considered “slander” by hyakkaou on the school board that got runa into trouble with gamblers but runa claims that her favorite phrase is “slander power” and she actually loves writing slander (which may be true – runa seems like a natural at building up tension).

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Runa Kakegurui

Cannot Read or Understand

Runa seemingly cannot read or understand how the future works unless someone explains it to runa first (e.g., explaining how some games are played before playing them). This is shown in episode 10 when Yumeko used runa’s favorite game (rock paper scissors) to get runa to tell her about yumeko’s future. runa still did not completely understand what was happening, but she eventually gets it figured out after asking the other members of the club chat for help.

Runa appears at the end of episode 13 when Yumeko is shown drawing runa with all of her new friends. runa seems happy in this scene despite how hyakkaou had recently destroyed runa’s previous friendship group (rinka and mekuru). runa also appears on one of kagami kyōya’s jacks during the opening song Kill This Love ~uci darake no chikai~. runa’s design may have been given to yumeko for the opening song because runa was shown wearing a mask at this point in Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler.

Runa is not seen again after episode 13 so little else is known about runa’s character or personality other than runa seems to enjoy drawing, reading books and playing games. runa does say that she hates fashion though. runa feels that her action of writing letters on hyakkaou’s school board did more good than harm because it “made everyone nervous” which might mean runa likes tension and conflicts.

The title of this article(The Ultimate Revelation Of Runa Kakegurui) was based off the name of runa’s picture in Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler’s ending theme. runa does not appear in the opening song for Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler (in fact, runa is absent from all of the episode 13 endings) but runa appears again on one of kagami kyōya’s jacks during the opening song Kill This Love ~uci darake no chikai~. runa is also seen wearing a mask here which may signify what kind of role runa would play later on in Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler or it could mean runa has yet to face her troubles with hyakkaou.

Ironic Comedy Character

Runa seems like she was made to be an ironic comedic character because run hates playing games and prefers reading books. runa’s love for reading may be the reason runa has a good understanding of how the future works (due to the fact that runa needs to read books in order to accurately predict what will happen next). runa also seems like she is meant to give off an air of mystery because runa’s mask and red eyes make runa look like an evil character who can predict the future (e.g., yumeko).

Runa’s design might have been given to yumeko for the opening song because runa was shown wearing a mask at this point in Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler. runa’s favorite phrase “slander power” may be why Yumeko says her favorite phrase is “darara-da” (i.e., runa and yumeko would both be considered slanderous to the image of hyakkaou). runa’s mask and red eyes may also signify runa’s personality or runa’s role as a form of symbolism in Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler since run has yet to face her troubles with hyakkaou.

Bad at Playing Games

Runa claims that she is bad at playing games, but she is still able to understand how they work (which fits runa’s character because run originally claimed not being good at playing games but was actually pretty good at them). runa does not seem bothered by anyone who insults or harasses her so it must be strange for runa now that run’s entire original friendship group (rinka and mekuru) went to war with hyakkaou. runa might feel like runa does not fit in anywhere, but runa may also be happy because run has a new friend (i.e., yumeko).

Every scene run appears in seems to involve run having fun or enjoying herself despite how her social status at school has changed (due to the fact that she is friends of enemies with someone like kagami kyōya). It is possible that runa wants fame and recognition from everyone even though runa claims she does not care what others think about run; however, it could just be bad translation because one would not run around and jump up and down with runa’s level of excitement if runa did not care what others thought about run. run would probably just go home or find a new friend to hang out with instead of running around the school telling everybody that run had fun doing everything they just did together.

Runa’s words “from now on you can do what you want” seem like runa wants to be friends with run again, but it is possible runa was only trying to make themselves feel better by saying those things; however, we can never tell how true runa’s words are since there is no more information on run and this is all we know about run (in terms of their personality).

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