10 Must Have Kitesurfing Equipment Which Will Make Your Sport Better

Kitesurfing Equipment

In this article we will cover kite surfing equipment which you should definitely own if you are planning for kite surfing. Many people ask this question about what gear they should be buying like which kite they should get, which harness do they need or which type of boat do they need.

We have come with guidelines of purchasing the best kitesurfing equipment to enhance the love of sport in you. Let us begin by knowing the sport and how the type of kites available today in market.

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kitesurfing equipment

What is Kitesurfing ?

Kitesurfing is a very addictive sport. It requires you to have very good body coordination and balance, which is difficult to learn at first. Once you’ve learned how to do it right, it will be a fun thing to do for the rest of your life. To enjoy the sport to its fullest you need best kitesurfing equipment.

Types of Kites 

As the sport has got lot of popularity, now we are getting different types of kites for enjoying this sport. Following are the details about each kite which you should definitely be aware of.

BOW KITE : Used by beginners

  • Stable
  • Easier re-launching
  • Wide Wind range
  • Better depower
  • flatter, low aspect, swept wingtips

C KITE : For advanced users

  • More power
  • Faster turning
  • Jumping
  • Freestyle

HYBRID KITE : Most of the kites in the market are in the middle of BOW and C type kites and they are known as Hybrid kites.

Which Kite Size do i need to choose?

This is the most frequently asked question by the beginners who have just started kitesurfing, the following information will give a clear picture for you on which kite size you need to buy. (3 Kite Quiver)

  • Up to 55 Kg : 6 meter 8 meter 10 meter
  • Up to 75 Kg : 8 meter 10 meter 12 meter
  • Up to 90 Kg : 9 meter 11 meter 13 meter

FLEXIFOIL Kitesurf Trainer Kite with Bar, Kids & Adult Kiteboarding


  • This is a great and fun gift for any age group.
  • The minimalist design offers maximum performance with ultimate safety.
  • This kit includes everything needed to get the kite up in the air and experience incredible freedom.
  • This kite is very efficient and fast, perfect for practicing your first steps on the water, getting used to basic movements while having fun.
  • Rated 4.5* among the best Kitesurfing Equipment.
  • Suggested for 14+ years and always need a supervision for beginners.

Kitesurfing Harness, Kitesurfing Equipment, Power Kite Pilot Wings harnesses For Ground Handling


  • Best suited for any experience level beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  • Suited for all types of flying sports, rated up to 5000 lbs.
  • Suited for all training types like PPG, paragliding, kitesurfing, skydiving, para motor, kite boarding, windsurfing.
  • One of the must have kitesurfing equipment for safety and fun.
  • Multiple Adjustment Points,  Multiple Wing Connection Points, Padded Shoulder & Leg Straps.
  • A must have kitesurfing equipment for all pilots to practice there kiting skill.

Maelstorm Marlin Clear Blue Watersport Sunglasses for Kitesurfing


  • This pair of sunglasses has UV400 lens to keep your eyes safe from the sun’s damaging rays.
  • These sunglasses are made out of plastic and silicone to make it comfortable to wear when you’re out on the water.
  • These fashionable sunglasses are made for light-duty protection and durability that are perfect for recreational use.
  • The trendy, glossy finish creates a bold style with an air of elegance.
  • A must use kitesurfing equipment while in water to safeguard eyes.

O’Neill Men’s Reactor USCG Life Vest


  • This USCG approved Life Vest is the perfect way to stay safe while you are jumping out of a plane, skiing, tubing, paddling, or just casually floating in open water.
  • An integral part of the Adventurer Series from O’Neill Surf and Sport, this vest allows you to take your passion for Wake Sports to new heights.
  • The Reactor Vest is an excellent choice for people who enjoy water skiing, tubing, wake boarding and other water-based activities.
  • To have some room to move, this life vest is designed to be relaxed fit.
  • A must have kitesurfing equipment in your kite boarding kit.

FLEXIFOIL Power Kite Control Handles & Safety System


  • With a versatile design Power Kite Control is also a smart safety option.
  • The Pro Link Handles are sure to give you the best in control and flight.
  • This handy set of handles comes with an easy-to-use safety system that secures your kite during strong winds.
  • The handles allow you to use your kite with all four lines in the air at the same time, giving you full control over the flying patterns.
  • Simply start holding one side of the handle when you pull one line and let go.
  • Important kitesurfing equipment for all type of users.

Quality Kite Line Set with Pigtails Line Connectors for Kitesurfing


  • These highly durable ropes are resistant to UV, abrasion and chemical wear.
  • They can be used for bridles, as well as kite line.
  • Provides  less aerodynamic drag when compared to other products in market.
  • They are more flexible and lighter than nylon lines, with less stretch.
  • Breaking strain of these ropes is 1000lb/453kg.
  • For stability both ends are stitched with sleeves and loops.
  • A must have kitesurfing equipment for a smoother experience in water.

What should you consider while buying Kitesurfing Equipment?

As we have seen the best kite surfing equipment you need for a having some wonderful time in water, at the same time there are alos some recommendations you need to keep in mind while purchasing kitesurfing equipment.

  • Price

Everyone’s needs will be different and so are their pockets, Price is the foremost thing anyone checks first, but for this kind of sport you need safety first. Price should not be a matter when it comes to safety, kitesurfing is one such sport which is very adventurous and fun filled but also have some dangers involved with it.

  • Buy First Hand Products or Second Hand

Many people want to buy the products which are used by others, but we highly suggest you should never own second hand products for this sport because they might not be in a condition to provide you the safety you care looking for, it is always suggested to buy brand new products for kitesurfing.


We hope you have got clear idea about kitesurfing equipment importance and how different types of kites available in market. If yo have any suggestions related to the products mentioned here, please feel free to mention the comment box.

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