You Never Thought these 6 Kayak Outriggers Could Be So Beneficial

Kayak Outriggers

Kayak outriggers are one such accessory which you can never miss out if you are regular to kayaking, you might have heard the importance of kayak outriggers from your friends who do kayaking regularly. Stabilizing kayak is one important aspect while in water and you definitely need to have the required stabilizers for a perfect day in water.

We have curated  best kayak outriggers based on various factors such as price, durability, customer reviews and personal opinions. We also have shortlisted the top three to make you choice further easy. We have a Top Pick, Editors choice and a runner up. All the outriggers mentioned in this article are of top notch quality and service.

No matter where you are boating today, these outrigger or stabilizer systems will provide the stability you need to help you advance. Let’s wait no further get to the water and have some fun.

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Lixada Kayak Stabilization System, Kayak PVC Inflatable Outrigger


  • Safety is the first priority while kayaking and Lixada outriggers provide the best safety while in waters.
  • Does not take much time to inflate or deflate.
  • Side kick arms are secured with locking ferrule.
  • All the required hardware and patches come in the package.
  • Best suited for sailing, fishing, paddling.
  • You will get Pair of Floats(deflated), Set of Sidekicks, Repair Patches, Set of Hardware

PROS : Stable, Ultimate Safety

CONS : Nothing

Pactrade Marine Boat Kayak Canoe PVC Outrigger Arms Stabilizer


  • Provides highest level of stability for kayak and canoe, safe when you stand on boat.
  • Comes with 2 durable PVC float kits, and 2 Side/Deck Mounts that are made of durable, high impact fiber-reinforced structural quality PP (Polypropylene).
  • Rated 4* by customers among the best Kayak Outriggers of 2021.
  • Comes with a 1 year product warranty.
  • Net Weight of the set is  5 pounds (lb).
  • You can easily lock to lock and unlock the outriggers and stabilizers in order to secure the position.

PROS : Easy to lock and unlock, Best stability provider

CONS : Price

KUNPENG 2 Pieces Kayak Outrigger Stabilizer,Kayak Floating Barrels


  • The kayak stabilizers are made of PVC material and used for the purpose of keeping kayaks steady on the water.
  • These stabilizers are a great addition to your kayak (up to 4.5kg in weight) that you use for fishing, paddling and standing.
  • The stabilizers are able to keep the kayak still in the water, which allows you to stay stationary longer.
  • The stabilizers are easy to install and super light weight that helps reduce your burden in carrying it around.
  • Dimensions of the product are 13.35 x 10.04 x 4.02 inches and weighs 2.71 Pounds.

PROS : Multiple uses, best stabilizing ability

CONS : Weight

Galapare Kayak PVC Inflatable Outrigger Float with Sidekick Arms


  • The Galapare Kayak PVC Inflatable Outrigger Float with Sidekick is a lightweight, inflatable kayak accessory.
  • It is designed for the avid kayaker who wants to go kayaking, but wants to be extra safe and stable.
  • Side arms are provided with secure locking ferrule.
  • Aluminum alloy is use din making these outriggers, and have an approximate length of  75cm / 29.5in.
  • Pair of Floats, Set of Sidekicks, Repair Patches and Set of Hardware are included in the package.
  • Most trusted kayak outriggers among the listed 10 best.

PROS : Secure locking ferrule

CONS : Price

METER STAR Kayaking,Kayak Accessories,Kayak Floats


  • 2 pieces hold one paddle, NO DRING, NO PAD EYE, universal fit any size paddle shafts
  • This Float Great for kayak, canoe, boat, paddling, fishing, standing and beginners.
  • This outrigger stabilizers are to provide a stable platform to make you feel more safe when kayaking, boating, canoeing.
  • Best suited for kayak, canoe, boat, paddling, fishing, standing and beginners
  • With a sleek and durable design, this kayak float is perfect for family and party trips.
  • The durable build, lightweight design, and convenient size make it the perfect choice for lake or pond outings.

PROS : Great for beginners

CONS : Not durable

Bicaquu Portable Kayak Stabilizer, Kayak Outrigger Kit


  • Best suited for canoeing, kayaking, rowing, fishing, standing and beginners.
  • Ultimate workmanship, inflatable kayak stabilizer for fishing.
  • Made of premium materials so that it is light weight and portable.
  • Very easy to install and convenient to use.
  • Price is a bit high but one of the best kayak outriggers in the market.
  • White, Blue, Yellow colors are available to choose from.

PROS : Best for beginners

CONS : Price

DIY Outrigger Kit

No wonder many people want to have a kayak outriggers and people also try to make their own DIY outriggers kit for their kayak by following some tutorials which are available online but here come the question does DIY outriggers kit does the job for your kayak.

We tried to answer this question and also we want to give suggestion for people who want to make DIY outrigger kit, making outriggers kit is easy but they will not serve the purpose as the professional one’s do. We always suggest that whenever you go into water you need to be 100% safe if you are beginner. making DIY outrigger kit may be risky and we do not suggest them, it will be better if you invest some money in buying these kayak outriggers kit.

Final Thoughts

The Outrigger Stabilizers are an essential piece of gear for fishing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding. Outrigger stabilizers dramatically improve your kayak handling experience by providing extra stability to your boat. The Outrigger Stabilizers are lightweight and can be fitted onto any paddle board. Look good while you’re crushing waves in your kayak, not to mention the added stability!

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