Is Sclerotherapy Covered By Insurance? What You Need To Know

Is Sclerotherapy Covered By Insurance, you will find all the details in this article.

Sclerotherapy is a procedure used to treat blood vessel malformations and also malformations of the lymphatic system

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a process used to treat blood vessel malformations and also malformations of the lymphatic system. According to a recent study, it is known to treat up to 42% of cancer cases. And it is also helpful in the treatment of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Sclerotherapy is the most popular and effective treatment for cholangiocarcinoma, which is cancer that starts in the bile ducts.

During the procedure, a thin, plastic tube, usually 7.5-12 inches in length, is inserted through the mouth into the upper section of the lung. Through this tube, a small amount of venom (forbendimin) is injected to destroy a malformed vessel, leading to its disintegration.

Is Sclerotherapy Covered By Insurance? What You Need To Know

Is Sclerotherapy Covered By Insurance
Is Sclerotherapy Covered By Insurance

How does it work?

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that works by removing abnormal deposits of fat from body cavities and also in blood vessels. The technique is a simple one in which you simply have to sit comfortably in your recliner chair and let the therapist insert a glass tube into your body cavity using a surgical knife. Once the tube is inside, he will inject a thin liquid into the tube which will instantly begin causing your fat deposits to float to the surface. Once they are clear, they will be taken away for analysis and hopefully they will show up as healthy lymphatic cells.

Benefits Of Sclerotherapy

According to the American Cancer Society, the chances of detecting and treating breast cancer are higher with sclerotherapy.

What are the side effects?

We’ve taken a look at a range of treatments for the lymphatic system but also to understand the differences between different types of lymphatics treatments. So what are the side effects of Sclerotherapy?

Aneurysm or spasm of a major vessel or vessel blockage. Such an area of narrowing, either within the muscle or within a vessel. Sclerotherapy targets and removes such a vessel from within the body. Fracture of a vessel wall, the Lymphatic vein, the Subclavian artery, the Vena amoris, the Pulmonary vein, the Maxillary vein, the Nerve of branch of an artery, or the Subclavian catheter (blockage of these may cause anemia).

What complications are common?

In some cases, swelling after the procedure. Sclerotherapy also used to treat varicose veins and vascular malformations.

Is it covered by insurance?

Who should not try this procedure?

Patients with clots or veins that are close to arteries or veins are warned against this procedure.

What are some Sclerotherapy Common Complications?

1) Blood Clots: Before the procedure, patients are made to do a complete screening to ascertain their blood clotting profile and blood clotting mechanism.

2) Pulmonary embolism: If left untreated, the procedure can lead to complications like pulmonary embolism, heart attack or other related issues.

3) Eye damage: The device that sclerotherapy uses is a strong one and could damage the patient’s eyes.

4) Infection: When antibiotics are not used, sclerotherapy could cause antibiotic-associated infection in which the patient might be treated with strong antibiotics to prevent infection after the procedure.


Sclerotherapy is a procedure that is performed to make certain blood vessels and lymphatic tissues as a part of the skin. It involves the removal of a section of the skin and it is performed on the patients who suffer from circulatory problems or who have a problem in their lymphatic system. In this procedure, the skin is cut and then dipped in the patient’s blood. Sclerotherapy is not an easy procedure but it is a suitable option for those patients who do not have time to undergo the regular treatments.

In this case, patients can opt for sclerotherapy which is used to treat the blood vessels and lymphatic tissues of the skin. Here, there are many options and the cost of the treatment varies from one clinic to another.

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