How to make living out of flower pressing hobby

Many of you might be thinking what flower pressing is and what is this hobby about. In this article we will be discussing about all the details related to flower pressing.

What Is flower pressing?

Before going deeper into the article you need to know what is flower pressing.

Flower pressing a hobby of collecting different types of flowers and leaves and preserving them till they get dried without loosing much of their color, this method is done using books or i=with specially made flower pressing kits.

1.How can you take it up as a hobby
2.Equipment required for flower pressing
3.Best practices for flower pressing

How to make living out of flower pressing hobby | Flower Pressing hobby complete guide


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Flower pressing as a hobby can also earn you money

How can you take up flower pressing as a hobby

Taking up flower pressing as a hobby does not require any special skill, all you need is to collect different types of flowers and preserve them with care. This hobby can be taken up by any age group either you are young or old doesn’t matter. You just need to have passion to collect flowers and preserve them carefully.

Equipment required for flower pressing

In olden days people with flower pressing hobby used to preserve the flowers inside a book and close it so that the flower gets naturally pressed without loosing it’s colors. As the technology has advanced we have got many new equipment’s in market with which you can press flowers.

We have written a detailed guide on flower pressing for adults in this article.

Best practices for flower pressing

Flower pressing should be done with patience, the more you give time to flowers the better the output, do not use harsh irons or microwave ovens to press flowers,let them get naturally pressed.

How can you make a living with flower pressing.

We have seen how to take up flower pressing as a hobby, below details will give you how you can start a business with flower pressing.

  • Creating photo frames

With the pressed flowers you can create some awesome photo frames and sell them online or have a tie up with local gift store. This way you can generate income, you can get the blank photo frames from an agency which provides frames of different sizes.

There are many people who have started earning with flower pressing and are earning decent income.

  • Coaching other people about this hobby

The second method with which you can earn is by coaching the people who are interested in this hobby, many people today want to take flower pressing as a hobby and they look out for solutions for their problems, you can start your own training material and give online classes you can teach at your own home regarding this hobby.

  • Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is a great platform where you can share your experiences and share with audience on regular basis, you can share all the tips and tricks which helped you to succeed in flower pressing. You can give tutorials and solve the problems of users, this will help your channel grow and help you earn money with YouTube.

FAQ’s related to flower pressing

Who can learn flower pressing?

Flower pressing can be learnt by adults as well as kids, this is a fun hobby which gives you immense satisfaction when you press one set of flowers.

Do i need professional coaching for flower pressing?

There is no need for training, you just need to use different types of flowers and press them with the help of a book or a kit

Conclusion on Flower Pressing

  • We have seen all the insights related to flower pressing, if you inclined towards this hobby then you can start doing this right away.
  • You can start a business with this idea and starts selling produce online.

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