How To Brew Gongfu Tea – Step by Step Guide

How To Brew Gongfu Tea – Step by Step Guide

Today in this article we will know how to brew Gongfu tea and know all the details related to this Chinese tea. If you are a tea lover then this is a must read article.

Gongfu means the effort and skill, the advantage of making tea in these traditional vessels is because it gives us lot more control when we add hot water in a little bit quicker. So, with the multiple vessels you can get the ideal taste. At the end of the day when we are making tea it is all about the flavor. So, when we have more control on making these teas we can then get the best flavor. In case of green tea you will be getting buttery creaminess, in case of black tea you will be getting the rich thick flavor without having the bitterness.

Gongfu Tea | Brew Gongfu Tea Step By Step | How To Brew Gongfu Tea – Step by Step Guide

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How To Brew Gongfu Tea – Step by Step Guide

How To Brew Gongfu Tea

  • Take the Gongfu tea pot and fill it with the tea leaves.
  • Fill 10 grams of tea leaves for 150 ml of water.
  • Once you put the tea leaves in the cup fill it with hot water slowly.
  • Now leave the mixture for 50 seconds and then rinse the water into a bowl and then drain off into the tea drain (comes with gongfu tea set).
  • Now repeat the step for 70 seconds and your gongfu tea is ready.

History of Gongfu Tea

Gongfu tea dates long back if making tea with discipline, the art of making good tea requires lot of practice. To make a perfect Gongfu tea everything should be perfect. The practice of making Gongfu cha dates back to 14th century. Yu Hui Tseng is a notable master who did a remarkable job in this field.

Water : The Water used in making Gongfu tea should not be too soft or too hard, it can be from a locally sourced bottled water.

Vessels : Gongfu tea can be made is special vessels which are very small in size and made especially to brew Gongfu cha.

If you are a tea lover and want try something which makes your soul satisfy then gongfu cha is a must try.





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