Flower Pressing Tips and Tricks – Press Flowers Like a Pro

Flower Pressing Tips and Tricks – Press Flowers Like a Pro

Finally you have decided to take up flower pressing as a hobby or as a profession, now you wonder how can you press flowers successfully without any trouble. Well, here in this article we will cover all the methods used for flower pressing and also include tips and tricks for successful flower pressing.

Flower pressing is considered as one of the most satisfying Do it yourself (DIY) hobby. In earlier days when microwaves and irons were not available people used press flowers in between heavy books or keep flowers under their bed and this method used to take weeks to get the best result. As technology advanced there came many methods to press flowers. Two popular of them are pressing with iron and pressing in a microwave.

Pressing flowers with iron or using a microwave have their own advantages and disadvantages. We will know all the details as which method is better in all of the three.

Why do People Press Flowers?

If you are new to this hobby then this will be the first question in your mind as why the hell these flowers are being pressed, Well as we said Flower pressing is a immensely satisfying hobby and also a source of income for many people. People press flowers and use them in glass frames and sell them to make money. Pressed flowers inside a glass look very calming and gives a pleasant look to your living room, bed room or wherever the frames are hanged.

Flower Pressing Tips and Tricks - Press Flowers Like a Pro
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If you can see the above image, pressed flowers are inserted between two glass frames, they give a pleasing look. You can present these frames to anyone who has bought a new home or who has love for arts and who loves flowers. This is one of the most unique gifting option available to you.

Tips for Picking Flowers

  • Pick Flowers in the Morning

This is very important step, if have decided to press flowers you should pick flowers in the morning, this helps you in getting the fresh flowers and also these flowers tend to preserve more color and they make your work easy.

  • Avoid Bruised Petals

To get a better output you should carefully pick flowers, you need to keep in mind one thing that flowers must not have any brown or bruised petals.

  • Dry Flowers Completely

Before you start any method to press flowers, dry the collected flowers  so that they will loose the moisture.  This step will help you in retaining the colors of the flower and the petals will not breakdown or stick to the paper.

Let us see 4 methods with which you can press flowers and finally compare them and check which method works best for flower pressing.

1.Book Press Method

This is a good old fashion method, this method might have been done by your parents or you have did in your childhood. Very easy method just follow the below given steps to press books in flowers.

  1. You need a heavy book to perform this type of flower pressing
  2. In the middle of the book place Parchment paper (bakery paper) and cover both sides of the book
  3. Now place flowers at one side and close the parchment paper along with the book.
  4. If you want the book to be more heavy and properly press the flowers, keep a weight on it (a brick or a pile of books)
  5. Check after two weeks to find out the results

Flower Pressing Tips and Tricks - Press Flowers Like a Pro

2. Air Dry Method

This method is also a good one to dry flowers, this is very simple method. You just need to collect bouquets from a local store and follow the below given steps.

  1. From a local store collect bouquets which have good amount of flowers preferably daisies, roses or button mums.
  2. Trim the stems and tie them like a bundle.
  3. Remove leaves if any as leaves does not tend to dry faster.
  4. Now dry them in place you feel comfortable hanging them.
  5. Check after 2 weeks for dried flowers.

3.Oven Dry Method

This is very simple method of putting flowers in an oven just like a bakers cake, assemble your flowers in a rack and put inside a oven. Follow the below given steps for easy oven dry method for flower pressing.

  1. Keep flowers on a oven rack by cutting the stems out
  2. Arrange them properly so that they don´t fall off
  3. Now keep inside the oven and bake it for 200 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours.
  4. Now check whether all the flowers have been dried, if any flower is still having moisture you can keep them for some more time.

Flower Pressing Tips and Tricks - Press Flowers Like a Pro

This method is not recommended because flowers might get darker and petals will start to fall off once you take out from the oven. This method can be done only if you are running short of time.

4.Silica Gel Method

One more unknown method for pressing flowers is the use of silica gel. This is very simple and effective method which will give better results if done correctly. Great method for preserving color and texture, Just follow the below steps for pressing flowers with silica gel.

  1. Take a plastic air tight box
  2. Pour the contents of silica gel inside the box till half( wear a glove or mask as the sand is very fine).
  3. Now place the flowers on the silica gel and again pour silica gel on top of flowers (need not completely cover it)
  4. Check after 3 days for the results

Flower Pressing Tips and Tricks - Press Flowers Like a Pro


Which Method is Better for Flower Pressing

We have seen 4 methods of pressing flowers, out these 4 the best one is Silica gel method. This method takes a bit time but the results are amazing. Great method for preserving color and texture.

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