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Flower pressing is creative art done with flowers by drying and pressing them, this craft requires lot of patience and if done correctly can be a great earning potential. You can collect various types of flowers, press them and make frames and sell online to make some money. Flower pressing art has been practiced since ancient times in Asian countries China and Japan, the name for this art in these regions is known as Oshibana. 

If you are a retired individual and want to do something different for a new income source then you must try flower pressing, this will prove to be a very good hobby and has great potential to earn if done correctly.

In article we will see flower pressing kits for adults.

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Petal Culture Flower Pressing Kit for Adults and Kids with Tweezers

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  • Made of premium material this flower pressing kit is a perfect choice to kick start your work
  • Can be used for greeting cards, scrap booking, menus, bookmarks, invitations, resin crafts, jewelry, candle and soap making, picture frames, decorations
  • Dimensions of these product are 19.4cm x 19.4 cm and the drying area is 14.5cm x 14.5cm
  • You can create the perfect frames with professional style

Microfleur 5″ (13 cm) Regular Microwave Flower Press

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  • Specialty of this flower press kit is you can carry it anywhere in your suitcase, so you can always press fresh flowers
  • This kit has the capacity for better color retention when compared to others
  • Made in the USA from durable material and is 100% reusable for hundreds of pressings with proper use and care


Worown Professional Flower Press Kit, Leaf Press



  • This kit comes with all the tools required for flower pressing like white press plate, lining paper, dry plate, sponge, tweezers, scissors, utility knife etc.,
  • With help of this flower press kit you can press 6 layers flower or leaves at the same time efficiently
  • Used for greeting cards, scrap booking, menus, bookmarks, wedding invitations

Rtree Microwave Flower Press, Leaf Press, Nature Press, Flower Pressing Kit Flower Press Kit

  • Features of this product include better color retention, quicker, easier: This Product runs under Microwave oven, water trend to absorb the energy from Microwave and evaporate immediately from flower
  • Size of this flower press kit is 5 inches, convenient for travel and fits in any conventional microwave
  • This kit can be used to be as leaf pressing kit, flower pressing kit, specimen press to make beautiful ornaments for greeting cards, scrapbooking, menus, bookmarks, wedding

Flower Press Kit Art Set Dried Flowers Leaf Press Plant Tool Set



  • Made of ecologically sourced material, this is the best flower kit to carry out this hobby
  • Kit contains 2 outer boards designed to withstand the pressure of pressing flowers, 2 black straps, 6 cardboard press plates, 12 paper press sheets, 2 ziplock bags
  • It’s easy to carry meaning you can press flowers anytime, anywhere. Comes with 1-year warranty

Moulin Roty Flower Press – English Version

  • Made up of MDF material and designed in France, Flower press kit gives your hobby a professional look
  • Dimensions of this flower pressing kit is 7 in x 7 in x 7 in
  • Best for making ornaments for greeting cards, scrapbooking, menus, bookmarks, wedding

Microfleur 9″ (23 cm) Max Microwave Flower Press


  • Can be used for multiple purposes like Jewelry making, journaling & scrapbooking, gardeners, resin crafts, as well as by botanists
  • Pressed flowers can be used for greeting cards, scrapbooking, wedding and other invitations, menus and other creative art
  • Easy to press & dry flowers, and fits in any conventional microwave

Now as you have seen various flower pressing kits, now you can kick start your new creative hobby of flower pressing and make some creative art for your home decor. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article.

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