7 Best Extra Tall Baby Gates Which Are Sturdy and Durable

Are you in search for extra tall baby gates for your toddler? then you are at the right place, with expert opinions and reviews we have come up with this article on 7 best extra tall baby gates. Most babies start to scoot and crawl around seven months old, tiny fingers love to tamper with cup boards and open every drawer they get hands on.

You want to make sure your living space is child proofed well before all of that unfolds.

What type of baby gate is best?

There are two types of baby gates each with different installation methods.

  • Hardware mounted baby gates
  • Pressure Mounted baby gates

Hardware mounted baby gates : For this type of baby gates both sides of the baby gates need to be screwed into a door frame, wall or a banister. Although it is not recommended to put a permanent holes into your home. Hardware mounted gates are the most secured making them a good choice for places like top of your stairs and other precarious spots throughout your home.

Pressure Mounted baby gates : These gate are like tension rods and do not require any screwing in, if you have a gate with correct measurements it should stand up as long as long as each end is tightly pushed up against a wall or door frame. Pressure mounted gates are easy to set up and can be moved from place to place. Once you have decided what type of baby gate installation you prefer.

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Extra tall baby gates

Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Baby Gate

The Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Baby Gate is made of an all-steel construction and installs quickly without any mess.

This is a pressure mounted gate which can be adjusted to create a stable and secure fit. Wall cups are included if you need to attach it to the wall.

Height of the gate is 36” tall, the Easy Step Extra Tall Baby Gate not only keeps your little one from going up and over, but also expands to fit a variety of doorways between 29-36.5”. It also has a 4″ extension. Extra extension kits can be added to accommodate wider spaces. Some additional accessories are sold separately.

Narrow Baby Gate Pressure Mounted Pet Gate Walk Thru Child Safety Gate

This  walk thru safety gate uses dual-lock system to limit kids or pets’ access and keep them secure and safe. Adults can easily lift the handle up but it becomes difficult for children to move. Auto closing option will work when handle is released. It can be opened either side with the double sided design.

Dual-Swing and Self closing option :  Self-closing baby gates reduce this worry. After you walk through the gate door, the gate automatically closes securely behind you.

Easy to install and move from one place to other. You do not need any screws into your wall or banister.

You’don’t have to worry about your baby going out through the door.

Product details 5.91 x 0.79 x 27.95 inches and weighs 19.36 pounds. This product has been rated 4.5* among the best extra tall baby gates.

InnoTruth Extra Tall Baby Gate for Stairs and Doorways

Best suited for blocking off stairs, a bedroom, hallway, or other home area or room.

A unique design that’s better for kids and parents our baby gate for stairs features two locking features including a pull and lift system as well as a bottom locking design that always keeps it locked down tight.

A perfect wall-mounted pressure system which is easier to install, no need of any screws and damaging your walls.

It is recommend that you install this gate on solid and flat pillars and walls.

Extra Tall Pressure Mounted Baby Gate Stand

Height of the gate is  36 inches tall. Perfect for use with toddlers and small dogs/cats. Two walk-thru door, very convenient to handle. This Child Safety features a 19” wide walk-thru door that swings both ways and automatically closes and latches. With smart saty open feature will keep the gate open when you do not want to close it.

Pressure mount design which is easy quick to set up. No extra tools are required for assembling the gate, and no need to punch holes in the wall or banister.

This gate has a double-locking feature with a one-handed latch. The two-action handle that can be opened with one hand and is impossible for little kids to open or cross it in any way.

Rated 4.7* among the best extra tall baby gates.

Toddleroo wide Tall & Wide Portico Arch Baby Gate

Safe and Secure! The Tall Easy Swing & Lock Baby Gate is built from long lasting, kid-tough heavy-duty metal with vertical bars that are not easy to climb, keeping your child safe and secure. Perfectly crafted for babies ages 6-24 months.

This sturdy steel metal gate is sturdy, strong and easy to use. The design is very simple and comes in a milky white finish which will complement any home.

This gate opens easily with just one hand. The gate only moves in one direction to avoid the risk of swinging over stairs.If you are not using the gate, it can be removed easily without any mess.

Product details : 37.4 x 29.2 x 2.7 inches and weighs 13 pounds.

One of the best gifting option among 7 best extra tall baby gates.

Summer Multi-Use Decorative Extra Tall Walk-Thru Baby Gate

Very easy to assemble this baby gate on stairways with the included accessories, or by using the no drill doorway mount for in-between doorways. You might need some tools for mounting on hardware. You can clean this extra tall gate with mild detergent, damp cloth or a sponge.

For highest convenience the gate comes with auto close feature which can close gently behind you and hold-open feature keeps the door open. there is a removable stopper which can prevent swinging the open over stairs.

This extra tall baby gate from summer is given bronze finish, it is 36” tall a perfect choice for toddlers and small pets.

Product details : ‎48 x 0.5 x 36 inches and weighs 21 pounds.

Safety 1st Easy Install Extra Tall and Wide Baby Gate with Pressure Mount

This Safety 1st extra tall baby gate is designed to provide additional height protection and is great for homes which have babies and pets. It’s adjustable to fit wide doorways and openings with a range from 29 to 47 inches wide. Pressure-mounted, no extra tools are required for assembling.

Equipped with SecureTech indicator which will help you to identify if the gate is securely locked, you will have confidence once it gets locked. No more passing through the through ways in your home, you can block all the through ways.

Product details : ‎1.75 x 28.5 x 36 inches and weighs 25 pounds.

Guide for buying extra tall baby gates

Even the most simple looking products can prove remarkably complex especially when you are trying to find the right one, that is the reason why we have written this article on extra tall baby gates. We want our expertise to guide you towards the choice that is best for you and your baby as well.

In preparing the list of extra tall baby gates we have reviewed dozens of products basing our rankings on number of factors including the features of the products, value for money and reputation of manufacturer. We even have studied countless reviews from others just like you. The final selected products meet the standards and some exceed our expectations. SO, you will definitely love the products listed above.


Wrapping up the article on extra tall baby gates, we hope you liked the products mentioned above, we will love to hear from you about which product you use for your babies safety and if you want us to include any other extra tall baby gates in the list, please use the comment box.

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