Best Event Lighting for Weddings: The Ultimate Guide to Lighting Up Your Big Day

Do you want to take your wedding reception to the next level? Lighting is one of the best ways to achieve this and set the scene perfectly. The right lighting can also help create a more intimate setting, boost your dance moves, or simply make everything look that little bit more spectacular. With so many different types of lighting available, it’s worth knowing exactly what will work best for your big day. Whether your wedding is in an extravagant ballroom, or out on a lawn in the sunshine, there are so many ways to light up your special day. So whether you have grand ideas about theatrical lighting, LED uplighting, spotlights, wall washers or something else entirely — read on for everything you need to know about event lighting for weddings.

What is event lighting?

Event lighting, also known as decorative lighting, is simply any sort of lighting designed to create an atmosphere or impact at an event. The term event lighting covers everything from the lights in your venue to spotlights that light up a stage. Event lighting also covers the lights used in creative ways at photo shoots, as well as Christmas lights adorning homes during the festive season. Event lighting is used for many different purposes. It can be used for mood or atmosphere, for setting a decorative theme, for safety, or to direct movement. It can also be used for artistic purposes, for example to create an effect for a performance or to make the environment look visually appealing. Different types of event lighting include architectural lighting, decorative lighting, underwater lighting, and sports lighting. Architectural lighting is used to highlight architectural features, like a building’s exterior. Decorative lighting is used to create an aesthetic that is also functional. It can be used to light up a building, create a festive atmosphere, or set the mood for a certain type of event. Underwater lighting is used to light up an aquarium or fish tank. Sports lighting is used to increase safety during outdoor sporting events.

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Remote Controller Sound Activated Stage Effect Lighting for Party DJ Dance Church Wedding

  • With 18 RGB uplighting LEDs, this stage light set makes any color you want and provides superb bright lighting – perfect for DJ sets, parties, dances, stage performances, clubs, discos, music venues, etc.
  • Use the DMX controller for complex lighting modes and use the four buttons (Turn up, Turn down, Confirm, and Mode) on the stage lights for basic controls and color changing.
  • MULTIPLE MODES: Control 12 par lights simultaneously, set up to 8 channels for each par light, and use 192 channels with various modes such as voice control, color-changing, flashing, fading, and pulsing with adjustable speed.
  • These small and lightweight par lights are portable for DJs on the go and easily connect to the DMX Controller. Use them indoors and outdoors for weddings, bars, parties, plays, musical theatre, and music festivals.
  • With advanced lighting mode configurations to choose from, you can change the tone of the party at the push of a button. Upgrade your DJ set equipment with a professional-quality light show.

DMX Disco Party Lights for Church Event, Birthday,Wedding

  • 60 LED beads will give RGB lighting with adjustable brightness,this LED DJ light will give marvelous colors and stunning lighting effect for different occasions like wedding,home party,mobile DJ, gigs,small concert etc.
  • Slim as 4.07 inch thick and 8.27 inch diameter,the slim dj par light is equipped with 60 RGB led beads, and with built-in programmed chip,it provides as much strobe effect like strobe,flashing,color mixing,jumping,hopping,pulse,gradient,0-100% dimming etc. as other conventional par lighting.
  • User Friendly Par Stage Lights:4 control modes for your choice. Plug & play auto mode and sound activated mode are the basic control modes for beginners,master-slave mode by daisy-chain several par lights,connecting with DMX console,professional lighting engineers program amazing super lighting effects
  • Come with 2 brackets and screws,the par uplight can stand on floor with adjustable lighting angle.Working as uplight for washing walls,trees or stages. The dj lights also can hang to truss as downlight for stage lighting events or stage use.
  • Durable Quality with Warranty:Housing in top quality ABS plastic and excellent finishing and top craftsmanship,the lifespan is more than 5000 hours

Which are the best types of wedding lighting?

Architectural Lighting – Lighting up the exterior of a building creates a dramatic look, and can be used for wedding photos. You could also light up a bridge or a nearby building that overlooks your venue. Bridal Stage Backdrop – Rather than a traditional backdrop, use lighting instead to create a striking effect. Use uplighting to light up the backdrop, or to create a colourful effect on the dance floor. Dance floor lighting – The best way to create a dance-friendly environment is to light up the dance floor. This creates a magical effect, and is sure to get everyone on the floor. There are many different ways to do this, including coloured uplighting, gobos, and laser lighting.

Decorative chandeliers – These are usually used at the entrance to your venue, but could also be used throughout the venue, or even at an outside or garden reception. Decorative lighting – Use decorative lighting in a decorative or theatrical way. You can also use decorative lighting to set the mood of your reception. This could be with coloured uplighting, or with lighting that is themed to your wedding. Photo backdrops – Instead of a traditional or bridal stage backdrop, use lighting to create a striking effect. Use uplighting to light up the backdrop, or to create a colourful effect on the dance floor. Portable uplighting – Portable uplighting is great for creating an intimate atmosphere, or for when you want to move the lighting around the venue.

Spotlight and down lighter lights

Spotlights are used to light up a single spot in the room, so are often used to highlight special features, such as a beautiful piece of wall art, or a piece of furniture. Or they can be used to light up a dance floor or stage. Downlighters are used to light up a wider area, often along the length of a table. Downlighters can be used to create a more intimate environment, or to light up a larger space that needs to be lit more evenly. Downlighters are often used in restaurants and bars, but are also very popular for weddings.

Hallway and escalator lighting

Hallway lights – Hallway lights are used to light up the way for guests as they walk from the entrance to the reception area, or from their hotel rooms to the reception. Escalator lights – Escalator lights are used to light up the staircases at an event, such as a wedding. They are especially popular at beach weddings, and can create a stunning effect.

Platform and scrim lighting

Platform Lighting – Platform lights are great for illuminating a stage, and can be used to create a moody or theatrical setting. They can create intriguing patterns, or can be used to light up a band or other performers. Scrim lights – Scrim lights are a type of platform lighting, but are often used as a background light. They are often used as a back drop for photos, or for a dramatic effect during the reception. They can also be used to light up the dance floor, or any other area of the venue.


Event lighting is a great way to create a more immersive or theatrical feel at your event. And, of course, it will also help to illuminate dark areas of your venue, or pathways that guests may need to walk along. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different types of lighting that are available, there are plenty of ways to light up your reception. So don’t be afraid to experiment, and find a lighting setup that suits you perfectly.

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