Corporate Event Decoration: 5 Tips for Turning Your Conference Room into a Spectacular Space

Corporate Event Decoration ideas

Do you sub-consciously dread the idea of turning your conference room into a ‘wow’ space for an upcoming corporate event? The team has approached you because they know you’re the most creative person in the office, and they trust you can come up with something memorable and original. You’ve got one week to figure it out… With so many tasks on your plate at work, throwing in a side project like designing a conference room is perhaps not what you need right now. But… Let’s do this! Whether it be for an annual staff party, product launch or investor summit, your company will inevitably host an event where guests will sit down for food and drinks in an enclosed space. This means that unless your firm is located in a warehouse with exposed pipes, ducts and skylights, your meeting room will need transforming. From creating mood lighting to sourcing props and furnishings, there’s more to event decor than first meets the eye. In this blog post we’ll walk you through 5 tips for turning your conference room into a spectacular space.

corporate event decoration ideas,Corporate Event Decoration
Corporate Event Decoration:

Establish a theme

A conference room is not the same as a banquet hall – it’s smaller, has a different layout and will have different acoustics. So, start by asking yourself what type of event you are hosting and what is needed to support that. Are there special guests for whom you need to provide special seating? Does your theme need to reflect the brand of your company, or the profession of your guests? For example, if you are hosting a trade show, your space will likely be used to display products and brands, so your theme should reflect this. If you’re hosting an annual staff party, you might want to choose a theme that reflects your company’s culture, or a theme that is appropriate for the season. Perhaps everyone would like to celebrate a holiday such as Halloween or Christmas, or you might want to pick a theme that’s completely unrelated to your company or the time of year. No matter what type of event you’re hosting, a themed conference room will help set the tone for the entire event.

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Light it up

Once you’ve established your theme, think about how to best light your conference room. Mood lighting is essential for creating the right ambience for any event. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, for instance, you might want to create a spooky atmosphere. You can do this by installing lights in your ceiling that flicker to create a spooky effect, or by using floor lamps with red bulbs that filter the light red to add a Halloween feel to the room. If you’re having a Christmas party, you might want to add holiday-appropriate lights to your room as well. You could add multicoloured Christmas lights to create a festive mood in the room, or use twinkle lights to add a more subtle Christmas feel. Whatever theme you choose, your lights will help set the mood you want in your conference room.

Hire a decorator

Depending on the size of your event, you may not have enough time to decorate your meeting room or have the necessary skills to execute your vision with finesse. For this reason, it makes sense to hire a professional event decorator to help. A Decorator will be able to create an attractive, themed space that reflects your company’s brand and makes your guests feel at home. They will also have the equipment necessary to transform your space in a matter of hours, and may even be able to help you source furniture and props for the room. In addition, hiring a Decorator will allow you to spend your time planning the finer details of your event, such as food and drink menus, guest speakers, entertainment and logistics.

Add some greenery

For many people, plants are a symbol of health and prosperity, making them the perfect choice for any corporate event. You can also use plants to create privacy in your conference room, which is particularly helpful if you’re hosting an event that includes a keynote speaker. You can find plants with a variety of textures and colours, so it’s best to select those that will fit your meeting room’s colours and style, and that will be easy to maintain. If you’re hosting an event in the winter, you can also use artificial greenery to give your meeting room a festive feel. Another way to add greenery to your meeting room is to use a decorative wall hanging, such as a tapestry. Tapestries can be used to cover bare walls, and come in a wide variety of styles and themes. You can also use greenery in creative ways in your meeting room. For example, you could use plants as food or drink containers, such as using small potted plants as drink coasters.

Add some colour

If you’re hosting an event in the winter, it can be hard to inject some colour into the room. If you’ve chosen a winter theme for your event, you can use bright colours as accents, such as colourful napkins, tablecloths, balloons and streamers. You could also use wall decorations which are easy to change out when you’re hosting a different type of event in the future. You can also use coloured lights to add colour to your room. Coloured lights are easy to install, and you can control the colour of the room with a simple dimmer switch. Coloured lights are a great way to add a festive feel to your meeting room without having to change out your other decorations, such as wall decorations.

Add some props

Props are great for adding an extra level of entertainment to an event, and creating an exciting atmosphere in your meeting room. You can find a wide variety of props at party supply stores, such as novelty items, decorations, and themed items. You can use these items to decorate your meeting room, or to entertain your guests during a break. If you’re having an annual staff party, you can use props to help guests let their inner child out and enjoy themselves. You can also use props to help decorate your meeting room, or to create a theme for your event. For example, if you’re hosting a Halloween party in October, you can use Halloween-themed decorations and props to add some spooky fun to the room.


A conference room is a great place for holding events, but it needs some sprucing up to make it a spectacular space. First, consider the theme of the event and how you can incorporate that into the room. Next, identify what needs to be lit, decorated, and/or added to make the room more enjoyable for guests. Finally, walk through the steps you need to take to turn your conference room into a spectacular space!

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