November 29, 2021

Constitution Life Insurance Provider Portal: 3 New Way to Access Your Premiums and Benefits

Are you in search of Constitution Life Insurance Provider Portal? You have come at the right place.

What is Constitution Life?

Constitution Life is a leading third-party administration (TPA) of a national network of independent agents and brokers who offer a full suite of individual life insurance products, from term to universal life, and annuities to variable and whole life products. Constitution Life’s network of independent agents, brokers and advisors has more than 5,700 employees, more than $50 billion in assets under management, and more than 200 unique and comprehensive life insurance and financial products. Constitution Life services more than 250,000 policyholders, with approximately 60% served in the north. Constitution Life is focused on customers in the top 40 U.S.

Constitution Life Insurance Provider Portal

Constitution Life Insurance Provider Portal
Constitution Life Insurance Provider Portal

Why You Should Choose Constitution Life

The large majority of the Affordable Care Act’s (Obamacare) health insurance exchange members – about 95 percent – are enrolled through large, commercial, union and other types of health insurance carriers. This means that most people are very familiar with insurance carriers in the business of selling coverage, and most likely have personal experience with their products and services.

In addition to being available online, Constitution Life is also convenient and easy to interact with because it is powered by an easy-to-use technology platform that is developed by American Policy Advisors (API).

How to Receive Your Premiums

There is a new option to obtain information about your premium and benefits online.

Constitution Life Insurance Company will release its new online portal,, later this summer. The company said, “The portal is intended to meet the information needs of women who are primarily interested in information regarding long term health, primarily regarding women’s health issues.”

Customers can log on to and easily access their premium and benefit information. Those who wish to enroll in ACA plans can do so on the website. Insurance companies and brokers also can send their customers to to receive benefit information, and engage in ongoing dialogue to build a business relationship.

How Constitutional Life Works For Our Business Partners

Any commercial business (from an oil company, a brick-and-mortar retailer, a supermarket chain or online broker) that provides coverage to individuals and businesses can now register their new subscribers online, get set up to receive premium payments, and receive policyholder and agent authorization to sell products online and by phone.

This all-new user-friendly option offers greater flexibility and control over how your business interacts with individuals and businesses as well as your brokers. You can set up your consumer-facing portal to accept online payments or accept payment by credit or debit card.

In addition, at least five brokers can enroll in the program in any given state. Here’s how it works.

The “Constitution” Block and National Consumer Exchange join forces.


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