Best Tactical Shovels for Camping and Hiking – Buying Guide

Best Tactical Shovels for Camping and Hiking – Buying Guide

There are a wide range of shovels available but we need to check which shovels are the best for camping and hiking. Nobody wants to be in a situation where you feel threatened for your life in the jungle, that’s why it is always a good idea to stay prepared for any other tactical survival situation and keep a survival shovel with you.

These shovels are not the ones which you see in your backyard daily, rather these shovels pack more features and strength to increase your chances of survival in the outdoors, plus you can also use them toughest situations faced while camping or hiking. To help you choose the perfect shovel for you we have curated a few best shovels for travel and outdoor activities that can be helping hand in any outdoor survival situation.

Best Tactical Shovels | Tactical Shovels 2021 | Buying Guide for Tactical Shovels

Best Tactical Shovels for Camping and Hiking – Buying Guide


Tyger Auto Shovel TG-SV8U3217 Military Heavyduty Folding Compact Tool

  • This is a 16 in 1 multi functional which is specifically designed to complete any other tough job, which is made of military grade solid carbon steel and aerospace grade anodized aluminium tubes.
  • This shovel is made like tank which makes it an ideal tool for completing outdoor activities, it combines 16 multi functional tools in one compact body with unique instance switch mechanism including a knife, screw driver, bottle opener, flash power and many other things.
  • Weights only 3 pounds, this shovel is very light weight and comes in a fordable compact design, you can carry this shovel with you in a survival situation.

REDCAMP Military Folding Camping Shovel,High Carbon Steel Entrenching Tool Tri-fold Handle Shovel with Cover

  • Stay prepared for any survival situation with this tactical shovel, packed with great tools to provide you ultimate confidence.
  • Best suited for Ideal for camping,hiking,backpacking,fishing,hunting,gardening.
  • Shovel is made of high-carbon steel body and comfortable triangular handle are toughness.
  • Blade thickness 1.5mm,strong enough to endure the toughest conditions.


SOG Folding Shovel Survival Shovel – Entrenching Tool 18.25 Inch Foldable Shovel Camping Shovel

  • Stay for whatever situation may arise keep the SOG entrenching tool with you to face any kind of situation with confidence.
  • This entrenching tool features a multi position lock for more versatile use as a spade, hoe or saw, you will always have the right tool with you.
  • This tactical shovel comes with a telescopic handle that houses its 7 inches wood saw blades and offers quick access and set up.


Survival Shovel, Tactical Shovel by Sallia- Survival Shovel Multi tool – Ultimate Survival Tool

  • Get prepared for any survival situation with this tactical shovel by sallia, this also can be used as a defensive weapon.
  • The Tactical shovel is solid and is resistant to wear and tear, best suited for hiking or camping.
  • This shovel is made of extra-thick rugged material High carbon stainless steel, which brings about increased longevity and never catches rust.
  • Measures up to 37.6 inches in length when fully assembled.


Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel, Hardwood Handle

  • A feature packed shovel to provide a helping hand in any situation, it comes in a carbon steel shovel head that is heat treated to make it durable and comes with a sharpened edge.
  • Thanks to its hardwood handle as you can always have a firm grip while performing any activity while you are camping or hiking.
  • Made of hard carbon steel and weighs 1.6 pounds.



FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multi tool (C1) – Portable Foldable Survival Tool

  • This company specializes in producing military grade tactical and survival tools.
  • This is a multi tool so this can be perfect companion in any survival situation, best suited for entrenching, digging, chopping, and many more to increase your chances of survival in outdoors.
  • This survival shovel in an all in one tool set, it packs a lot of useful tools in its handle.
  • Made with solid carbon steel and aerospace grade aluminium for maximum strength.



Schrade SCHSH1 16.6in Stainless Steel Telescoping Shovel

  • Schrade is one of the most recognized brands among outdoor survivors because they make great quality outdoor survival tools.
  • This tactical shovel comes with a seven inches travel head that has sharpened edges providing you convenient digging or chopping experience.
  • Comes with a 19 inches adjustable T-shaped handle which can be adjusted to the right amount of length as per requirement.


Zunelotoo Military Survival Shovel Camping Shovel with Patented 6 Shifted Key and Casting Technology

  • Get the ultimate package for any outdoor survival gear with Zunelooto survival shovel.
  • A survival gear packed with features that is designed to increase your chances of survival in the adventure.
  • This multi functional spade comes with all the useful survival gear that you need, including fire starter, bottle opener, hammer and many more to always ensure you have always the right tool at hand.
  • This shovel is super durable and water resistant that allows you to use it for any task for outdoors.


Our Choice

Among the above mentioned tactical shovels, the winner is Zunelotoo Military Survival Shovel , as this shovel has all the features you need for survival

  • Made from high carbon steel.
  • Spade is super durable and water resistant.
  • Unique and eyelet concave triangle design
  • Perfect for loosing soil, breaking ice.

What to look out for while buying a tactical shovel?

A few things you need to keep in mind while purchasing a tactical shovel.

  • Heavy Duty and Durable

Shovel must be sturdy enough to complete all the jobs while in adventure. It should be able to break the ice, loosen the soin and cut the wood if required.

  • In built Components

The shovel should have all the survival gear packed inside like a bottle opener, hammer, fire starter and there should be extra handle given which can be adjustable.

  • Water Resistant

The spade must be made of heavy carbon and advanced materials so that it should be corrosion free. It should also be able to withstand the toughest situations in adventure.


We have seen the best tactical shovels for your camping and hiking trips, if you are a regular adventurist and using and old shovel then its time to upgrade for a better survival tactical shovel.

Please share in comments box which shovel you liked and the one you are using at present, Thanks for reading!!!

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