10 Best Inflatable Halloween Costumes for 2021

Searching for best Inflatable Halloween Costumes for 2021? You have come at the right place, we have searched for the best inflatable costumes for this upcoming Halloween and you will definitely love all the products mentioned in this article. These are unique selection based on lot of research and personal opinions. These inflatable costumes for Halloween will take your party to next level.

If you’re like me, and you don’t like to do anything fancy for Halloween, there’s not much you can do about it. However, if you are looking to create something really special for Halloween, you can’t go wrong with this list of some great costume ideas.

Best Inflatable Halloween Costumes | Blow Up Halloween Costumes | Inflatable Costumes for Adults

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Best Inflatable Halloween Costumes

Rubie’s Moo Moo The Cow Inflatable Costume for Adults


  • Rubie’s inflatable costumes are the perfect party accessory.
  • They’re easy to use, reusable, and lightweight. Just fill with air and connect to a fan for a fun and lasting costume that you can have a blast creating.
  • When it’s time to party, just throw on a costume and dance the night away, Best for children Ages 8 to 12.
  • Rubie’s Moo Moo The Cow Inflatable Costume is part of the fan required 4 AA batteries (batteries available separately included).
  • Body of the costume has long sleeves, white fur cape lined with brown fur, white belly with black hoofs on sides, yellow tail with attached elastic strap, white ears on sides of headpiece.
  • One of the Best Inflatable Halloween Costumes for 2021.

Disney Little Mermaid Prestige Womens Ursula Costume


  • This adult Ursula costume for women features a high quality mesh fabric that is used to create the tentacles.
  • The dress is made from polyester and polyurethane, along with spandex for stretch and shape retention.
  • The waist has a string tie in the back and the skirt is sewn together in the back and in the front. The dress has a collar and a zipper in the back.
  • The Ursula costume includes the Ursula dress, which has beautiful swirls of purple, blue, and white in shiny silver thread.
  • This Ursula costume women is an officially licensed Disney Costume for women.
  • One of the best blow up Halloween costumes for 2021.

Rubies Adult The Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume, T-Rex with Sound


  • Make your own dinosaur with this inflatable costume. It comes with a fan that makes it appear as if the dinosaur is breathing. It’s a great way to have fun at a party or family get together especially during Halloween.
  • It can be used for Halloween, a theme party, a kids birthday party, a sleepover, a pool party, a hot air balloon party or just something to have fun.
  • There are several ways you can use this costume so you can customize it to any occasion.
  • This inflatable costume is safety tested and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, as well as a safety instruction sheet to ensure great use and safety. One of the funny inflatable costumes you can have in 2021.
  • Rated 4.5* among the best inflatable Halloween costumes for 2021.
  • This item is imported from China and is available in Red/Black/White color option.

Towering Terror Vampire Costume


  • Vampire’s are known for their devious, cunning, and powerful nature. With this costume, you can make a statement and be the ultimate terror vampire.
  • The look is accomplished with an inflatable head, shoulders, and arms.
  • These must-have items are perfect for any horror fan who wants to take their costume to the next level.
  • One of the top inflatable costumes to buy in 2021.
  • Give your guests a fright this Halloween with this officially licensed costume that is perfect for Halloween night.
  • This terrifying costume is a great choice for Halloween, the holidays, cosplay, and more. The Vampire costume features an inflatable headpiece that can be seen in the picture to the left, with the arms and hands that are attached to the shoulders.
  • Rated 4.5* among the best inflatable Halloween costumes.

Adult Male Gorilla Costume For Halloween


  • This completely authentic gorilla costume is an amazing look that is sure to impress. This ape-inspired costume has a spot-on resemblance to the real thing.
  • A great way to trick your friends into believing you’re really an adorable gorilla.
  • This gorilla costume comes with the makings of a gorilla suit. You will be able to get into it with ease by opening the zipper up.
  • This is a very cute and funny inflatable costume for Halloween 2021.
  • If your family loves Gorilla movies, this costume is the perfect gift.
  • Rated 4.5* by nearly 700 customers among the best inflatable Halloween costumes for 2021.

Rubie’s Jabba The Hutt Inflatable Adult Costume for Halloween 2021


  • This costume is perfect for Halloween. It comes with the inflatable body suit with fan. The eyes are made out of felt. You can put on this costume in 3 minutes.
  • The Jabba hut costume is easy to wear and does not take long to inflate.
  • The full-body jumpsuit has inflatable air chambers so you’ll look like Jabba the Hut.
  • This costume is 100% blow up and requires 4 AAA batteries to operate.
  • The adult Jabba the hut costume jumpsuit is a fun way to dress up for any occasion, especially during the Halloween.
  • Customers have rated this inflatable Halloween costume 4.5*

Morph Giant Skeleton Dinosaur T-Rex Inflatable Fancy Dress Costume for Halloween


  • A fantastic party costume for kids, this inflatable skeleton dinosaur costume will provide hours of giggles when the children are dressed up.
  • Complete with a detailed skeleton costume, built in air pump with batteries x 4AA not included, Easy to inflate / deflate, Ideal for kids 6ft and under.
  • Features an inflatable skeleton suit with attached hood that can be pulled over your head with pull tabs for easy dressing.
  • This Morph Giant Skeleton Dinosaur T-Rex Inflatable Fancy Dress Costume is made of top quality and is guaranteed to last for a long time.
  • This Halloween costume will be a great addition to your party and birthday parties.
  • 4* rated by customers among the best inflatable Halloween costumes.

Rubie’s Costume Co Velociraptor with Sound for Halloween


  • This funny, cute dinosaur costume for Halloween. The Velociraptor costume comes with a fan that needs 4, AA batteries (not included) which turns the Velociraptor costume into a jumping disco party!
  • This Velociraptor costume jumps up and down while it is dancing, making it one of the funniest costumes ever.
  • The Velociraptor costume comes with a mask that covers his eyes. The Velociraptor costume also has two hand holes that are also plugged to make it look like he has claws.
  • The Velociraptor costume is made of 100% nylon. It inflates very fast with air pumped in through the mouth.
  • This Velociraptor costume is perfect for Halloween, school plays, or any other dance or party theme party.
  • If yo are looking for the best inflatable Halloween costumes then this will be the best choice to take your Halloween part to next level.

Star Wars Classic Mens Inflatable Han Solo In Carbonite Costume


  • This officially licensed Star Wars costume is a high-quality product that is sure to be a hit with fans.
  • The inflatable jacket keeps you warm and comfortable so you’ll have no trouble taking this Star Wars costume out for any Star Wars events.
  • A fantastic costume for any fanboy. This inflatable Han Solo in carbonite costume is the ultimate costume for your next Star Wars-themed gathering or Halloween 2021.
  • It’s made from 100% nylon and it can be inflated or deflated quickly and easily. Suit up with this great costume to impress all your party guests.
  • Use this costume as a prop for your next Halloween costume party or an addition to your day dressed as Han Solo.
  • The costume jumpsuit secures with a hook and loop closure, and inflates to rectangular carbonite block proportions.
  • Rated 4.5* by nearly 200 customers among the best inflatable Halloween costumes.

Inflatable Dinosaur Costume Blow up Halloween Cosplay Costume


  • Dress up like a dinosaur and get ready to eat some snacks. This inflatable costume is designed to hit your stride with ease.
  • A comfortable and lightweight inflatable bodysuit is the perfect way to get you dressed up and ready for fun! Look like a real legendary dinosaur with this great costume.
  • Slip on this inflatable costume and start snacking. This party outfit is designed for comfort and made to last.
  • product details : 14.09 x 13.35 x 5.98 inches and weighs 1.82 pounds.
  • Rated 4.5* among the best inflatable Halloween costumes.

Details About Best Inflatable Halloween Costumes 

It’s time to get spooky! Halloween is approaching, and that means it’s time to dress up in your favorite fall or winter costumes. However, inflatable costumes are not the only ordinary Halloween costume ideas.Halloween costumes are designed to be worn away from home.

However, if you’re planning on spending all your evenings indoors, then an inflatable costume might be the perfect Halloween costume idea for you.Halloween inflatable costume ideas  are perfect for those who like to see the world from another angle.  You can also use an inflatable costume as a Halloween prop or as a party decoration.


Wrapping up the article on best inflatable Halloween costumes for 2021, we hope these costumes will make your Halloween event much different than the previous ones. If you have anything to ask about inflatable Halloween costumes you can use the comment section.

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