Best Hydroponics Grow Systems With Light Under $100 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Hydroponics Grow Systems With Light Under $100 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Growing plants indoor has become a hobby and it is one of the most satisfying thing when you see fruits and vegetables grow right in-front of your eyes. The art of growing plants indoor is known as Hydroponics and from a hobby this has become a profession for millions of people around the world and it has a lot of earning potential if it is done correctly.

Let us Know More About Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, in this method the plants are grown on water which is nutrient rich. According to studies plants grown hydroponically grow faster and healthier than plants in the soil, since they are being provided with important nutrients directly to their roots.

Nutrients are dissolved in this water that surrounds the roots . So, plants have easier access to nutrients they need. Many different civilizations have utilized hydroponic growing techniques throughout history. The hanging gardens of Babylon were in fact  an elaborate hydroponics system. into which fresh water rich in oxygen and nutrients was regularly pumped in.

How Do Hydroponics Work

Hydroponics systems work by allowing minute control over environmental conditions like temperature and pH balance and maximized exposure to nutrients and water. Hydroponics administer nutrient solutions tailored to the needs of particular plant being grown.

Different types of Hydroponic Methods

  • Deep water culture hydroponics
  • Aquaponics
  • Ebb and flow method
  • Wick systems
  • Nutrient film technique [NFT]
  • Drip systems

Above mentioned are 6 types of hydroponics practiced now. let us now move ahead and see best Hydroponics grow systems with wight under $100.

Best Hydroponics Grow Systems With Light Under $100 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Ivation Herb Indoor Garden Kit | Complete Hydroponic Grow System for Herbs, Plants & Vegetables with LED Light

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  • This hydroponic kit has all you need, just add the seeds you want to grow and start monitoring.
  • Best part of this kit is you can grow 11 types plants, it´s very spacious.
  • Smart LED lights will adjust to day and night, they can automatically change their modes.
  • You can grow Mint, Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Rosemary, Oregano, Parsley, Lettuce, Tomatoes or the one which you like.

Pros : Spacious and can grow upto 11 different plants

Cons : A bit heavy when compared to other products

Indoor Hydroponic Garden, Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit with LED Grow Light

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  • This kit is designed with a water circulation system, plants will grow faster than soil.
  • The height of the lighting part of the hydroponics growing system can be adjusted for plants, this is the best feature.
  • Automatic watering system is a great option this hydroponic kit.
  • This kit will be a wonderful present for birthdays, new house owners.

Pros : Height adjustable light.

Cons : Capacity is a bit low

VegeBox 12 Pods Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor Herb Garden Kit with Grow Light

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  • Notable feature of this Hydroponic system is it has 135 degree rotating light, which helps plans to grow faster.
  • To provide natural growth for plants, LED light is fitted which is a TUV certified.
  • In addition to the hydroponic system, plant germination kits are also included in the package.
  • Food grade ABS there is no toxic and no smell.

Pros : No toxic and no smell, food grade ABS.

Cons : A bit issues with timer.

Hydroponics Growing System, Automatic Timer Indoor Herb Germination Kits with LED Grow Light

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  • In this kit the light can be adjusted up to 11 inches for different stages of plant growth.
  • Best feature is the visual window, making it convenient to know how much water is present.
  • Features simulating sunlight spectrum LED grow lights, which can be adjusted according to the specific needs of plants.
  • Can be carried easily : garden germination kit is compact and portable, it is suitable for various settings such as kitchen, living room, office.

Pros : Easily portable and visual window

Cons : A bit smaller when compared with other kits

Royalsellpro 12 Pods Hydroponics Growing System, Indoor Herb Garden Kit with LED Grow Light

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  • Kit provides you 12 planting pots, you can plant the seeds of your wish.
  • The lights in the kit will the lights will automatically turn off after 16 hours if they are used constantly.
  • You can grow plants in this kits at your comfort be at kitchen counter, window or a living room.
  • Multiple lighting mode helps your plants in every stage from germination.

Pros : Multiple lighting modes.

Cons : Not many defects, best in this price range.

These were 5 best hydroponics systems with grow light under $100, the best of them is the Royalsellpro.

Advantages of Hydroponics over Traditional Farming

  • Fungus and pests are reduced to a great extent by controlling the environment of the plant.
  • You can predict the growth of the plant unlike the traditional farming where growth is very unpredictable.
  • High quality fruits and vegetables can be produced with this method.
  • You can grow plants all year around as this farming is done indoor in controlled environments.

Disadvantages of Hydroponics Farming

  • Cost of equipment might be higher if your are upgrading your systems.
  • Continuous monitoring is required as the method is scientific.
  • plants have very small roots, they cannot support themselves.
  • Heavy fruiting plants might require extra support

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