Best Gongfu Tea Sets of 2021

Best Gongfu Tea Sets of 2021

Tea is a large part of Chinese culture and people whenever they go to hiking or travelling they definitely carry a tea set with them. I also remember when i was a child my grandma used to pack tea set in the luggage. This is because whenever we take a break tea comes first in the mind. As i’m a true tea lover i have got an amazing Tea set of 2021.

If you are a tea lover then this is a must read article for you. I was looking for some best tea sets and i stumbled upon the Gongfu Tea sets and i wondered what could be this and out of curiosity i planned to check them out and came out with this article on best Gongu tea sets.

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Best Gongfu Tea Sets of 2021

Gongfu Tea History

Before we learn about gongfu tea sets, we need to know the history of Gongfu tea. Gongfu means anything where there is mastery through self discipline this is the essence of the word.  Gongfu tea is not like a pass time it is like a culture and you need to be self disciplined and you can become a perfectionist only if you cultivate continuous practice and this is the whole meaning of Gongfu.

Gongfu Tea is traditional Chinese method of tea preparation using small tea vessels and three basic steps. this method is the excellent way to extract balanced flavor from tea.

Ceramic (Ru ware) Gongfu Tea Set

  • Lightweight and compact, easy to carry, perfect set for home decoration can be used for travel or outdoor use.
  • Gorgeous Gongfu design brings life to your home, a perfect gift for tea lovers or for decoration of your kitchen.
  • Package comes with 1 Teapot, 2 Tea Cups, 1 Tea Tray, 1 Tea Towel, 1 Bamboo Tongs, and Portable Carrying Case.
  • Weight of the product is 1.34 pounds.

Chinese Gongfu Tea Gift Se, Service Automatic Stone-Mill Design Handmade

  • The teapot is made in stone mill design is used to realize labor-saving effect and semi-automatic function, best for tea lovers and making gongfu tea.
  • Packe comes with total 10 pieces,Stone mill teapot Chinese Temmoku Glaze decoration, Ancient Chinese Stone mill design.3.52 pounds
  • Porcelain is used in making this Chinese tea set.
  • Weight of this tea set is 3.52 pounds


Ufine Chinese Ceramic Gongfu Tea Set Black Pottery Tea Service Set Semi-Automatic

  • Semi-automatic stone mill design, you need to rotate the handle of the teapot 60 degrees to line up the holes on the base with the bottom of the teapot, very simple to use.
  • Text written in Chinese mean “Luck has turned” or “Every dog has his day”, inner clear glaze, non-toxic and easy to clean, built-in stainless steel filter makes it works well for loose leaf tea.
  • Welcome your guests with pleasant gongfu tea set, they will be surprised to see this unique tea set.
  • Inner clear glaze, non-toxic and health to body, easy to clean.


Dahlia Porcelain Gongfu Tea Set: Teapot with built in infuser

  • Product is completely handcrafted with 7 piece Gongfu Tea set packed in a gift box and a tea pot + 6 tea cups.
  • These cups are microwave safe and easy to wash.
  • This gongfu tea set is made up of porcelain.
  • Dimensions of this tea pot are 10.83 x 7.6 x 3.98 inches.



These were the best gongfu tea sets in 2021.

Our choice

The best gongfu tea set from the above list is amazing and the winner here among these is, Chinese Gongfu Tea Gift Se.

Final Thoughts on Chinese Gongfu Tea Gift

If you are a tea lover then you definitely need to try Gongfu Tea, this tea is brewed in a different manner and we will see the process of making gongfu tea in our upcoming article.

If you tried this gongfu tea, please share your thoughts in comments. Thanks for reading!!

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