Best Dry Eraser Markers for Kids – Buying Guide

Best Dry Eraser Markers for Kids – Buying Guide

If you are looking for best dry eraser marker for kids then you have reached the right place, in this article we have tried to provide some of the top dry erasers available online and which one is the best among these. We have included links below each dry eraser for your convenience. Please read the complete article and choose the best dry eraser marker for your kid.

Dry erase markers are magical, they write on smooth hard surface like a white board, a mirror and whatever you write is 100% erasable without using any liquids. They do not leave any marks, this special feature makes them so much popular that every household needs a dry eraser to mark important things down either on a calendar or in personal diaries.

Best Dry Eraser Marker for Kids | Non Toxic Markers | Kids Markers

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Best Dry Eraser Markers for Kids – Buying Guide

EXPO 1884309 Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers, Ultra Fine Tip, Assorted Color

  • This is a set of 8 different markers, each one provides different vibrant colors as well as skip free marking experience.
  • The ink formula that’s used for these markers does not emit any odors. Perfect for kids drawing, also can be used in office setting.
  • The ultra fine tip is one of the important components that these markers come with, very useful in precise writing and coloring.
  • Can be used on non porous surfaces like glass, porcelain and white boards.


BIC Intensity Advanced Dry Erase Marker, Fine Bullet Tip, Assorted Colors

  • This is a set of 12 different markers, these dry erasers also do not emit any odor these type of non emitting products are very good for health.
  • The markers are also quite bold while writing which is always a good thing.
  • Provide a smooth and consistent flow of the ink and are easily erased.
  • Ink supply is long lasting and ink levels are visible, you will always know if you are running out of ink.



Amazon Basics Dry Erase White Board Markers – Low Odor, Chisel Tip

  • If you are looking for an affordable solution that provides you with 12 different color markers then this will be a good option.
  • Low odor dry guard is also very easy to erase, this makes it perfect for kids who want to use a dry eraser marker in classroom.
  • These markers are quite resilient, they will not dry up even if you keep them uncapped for longer time. Many people have shown concern regarding this point.
  • Versatile chisel tip helps kids to write both thick and thin lines.
  • Product is sold by Amazon Basics and comes with the Amazon trust. 

EXPO 80174 Low Odor Chisel Point Dry Erase Marker Pack, Designed for Whiteboards, Glass and Most Non-Porous Surfaces

  • The versatile chisel tip allows you to write fine or brad writing depending on the situation
  • The ink formula is low in terms of odor which is beneficial because you won’t have to inhale unpleasant smell.
  • Very easy to clean from non porous surfaces such as glass or white boards, this makes is a great solution for classroom, office or for kids.
  • Comes in 48 pack, a bulk purchase if you have a school or a tuition.

Quartet Dry Erase Markers, Whiteboard Markers, Fine Point, Mini, Magnetic, ReWritables


  • These are considered as premium class of dry erase markers that are optimized for use on contemporary surface ports.
  • They deliver bold and strong color every time, this should help you deliver your message in a legible and distinct manner.
  • The bullet tip will help you create thick and broad lines that will make your writings much easier to see and read by other people.
  • The transparent ink gauge will allow you to see the ink levels.


Things to look out while buying dry eraser marker for kids

  • Odor

Many markers in the market come with chemical ink and produce unpleasant smell, the first thing you need to check is that the markers must not produce any odor.

  • Non-Toxic

Kids might mistakenly have the ink of markers in their mouth and to avoid any problem always consider markers which are non toxic. You can find the details written on the pack.


We hope this article on best dry eraser for kids will help you out in choosing the best marker for your kids, please mention in comments which marker brand you use.

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