9 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Kayaking

9 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Kayaking

Kayaking hobby has increased by leaps and bounds in the recent years because of the benefits it provides both physically and mentally. This hobby can make your life more relaxed as it involves lot of mental activity and  you need to have a perfect plan for the whole day if you plan for kayaking.

If you are thinking how kayaking can help reduce mental stress and improve your over all well being then this article is for you. You would be shocked to know the health benefits you get once you start kayaking. Once when i was new to kayaking one of my friends casually informed me the benefits of kayaking but i was not serious that time, but when i saw him getting a 6 pack abs then i was shocked a i decided to take up kayaking as a hobby.

Many people ask how does kayaking benefit you? So, to answer all the questions this article will definitely help

Here i will share the health benefits of kayaking.

9 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Kayaking | Kayaking Health Benefits

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9 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Kayaking

Kayaking and Weight Loss

You will be doing a lot of physical activity while kayaking, which helps you burn lot of calories and shed excess fats. Experts believe that if you paddle at 5 mph speed you should be burning up to 400 calories per hour.  One afternoon kayaking would be burning up to 1600 calories.

Kayaking Trains Your Abs

When paddling the arms, your back and shoulders are constantly moving. So, these are the muscles that are trained most. However every paddle stroke has n impact on the entire body and especially the abs because of the sideways movement. If you have started kayaking and after continuous 3 months of paddling you might wonder to see your abs visible. If you are planning to make that 6 pack abs then kayaking can help you to get there faster.

Stress Buster

Getting engaged in outdoor activities and interacting with nature is an excellent way to retrospect and mediate. If you are passing through stress, you will get ample relief by paddling through the water. Watching, touching and feeling nature will help you to refocus your mind and recharge your lost energy. If you are stressed out of work or of family issues, you need to take a break and go for kayaking, it will definitely rejuvenate your mind makes you calm. Out of 9 unbelievable health benefits of kayaking this is one is the most important.

Happy and Focused Mind

Kayaking does not only reduce stress, but it also enhances your overall mental health. Aerobic exercise like kayaking, will release dopamin into the blood stream which leads to elevated moods and confidence. This will help to free your mind from negative thoughts., you might experience a new surge of vigor, happiness and mental well being.


Kayaking helps you to meet new people, this sport is open to all. So, whenever you go out you can meet like minded people which help you to explore new ideas and collaborate with them. Meeting new people is always exciting as you got to learn new tips and if they are new to kayaking you can help them learn how to kayak.

Healthy Heart

Maintaining a good heart health is very important, as study shows that people who do regular kayaking have found to be more healthy and active when compared to people who never did this activity. If you did not start kayaking yet, then you are missing out a lot. You will be making your heart happy while having lot of fun in the water. Paddling continuously will make your heart eercise and this is very good in the long run.

Strengthens Your Legs

Your legs get the real muscles out when you start kayaking, the tightening and loosening of muscles which help your leg muscles get stronger when you do this hobby regularly. You will get toned legs over time. One of the best exercise for your legs.

Improves your overall Well-Being

Not only physical well being but also improves your overall well being, your confidence levels will be much higher as you will be getting lot of positive vibes once you start kayaking. This is the 8th benefit you get out of 9 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Kayaking. If you are ready to invest some money in kayaking that will be the best decision you will be making to improve you overall well-being. You will start to feel good about yourself.

Get Your Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins for body and kayaking can hep you to acquire the required Vitamin D in ample amounts as you will be spending lot of time under the sun. It is estimated that millions of people suffer from the deficiency of Vitamin D and people who started kayaking have reported no deficiency of vitamin D. Lot of diseases can be prevented with the help of vitamin D and also it helps in making your bones and teeth stronger.

Final Thoughts.

These were the 9 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Kayaking, if you are a kayaking fan and have never owned a kayak then its right time to invest some money into this hobby to have fun and lead a healthy life. Kayaking will definitely change your lifestyle as it did to mine, i hope to see some positive comments in the comment box.

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