5 Best Military Grade Tactical Tomahawks – Buying Guide

5 Best Military Grade Tactical Tomahawks – Buying Guide

Tomahawk is similar to axe generally used by North Americans as a tool, in earlier days they had limited usage. But, Tomahawks today have many purposes. they are used for camping, hiking, throwing competitions and other home purposes. There are many Tomahawks available in market but we have selected 5 best military grade tactical tomahawks for your next camping or hiking trip or for general purpose use.

Why should you buy a Tomahawk?

Tomahawks is a useful tool especially for camping and hiking, the convenience provided by tomahawk while cutting is far superior when compared to a regular axe or a hatchet. Tomahawk fits in to your camping bag comfortably and you will find the this tool very useful especially while cutting wood.

How to carry a tactical tomahawk?

Carrying a tactical Tomahawk needs special care as it has sharp edges, generally tactical tomahawks comes with safety bags for safe carrying, if you don’t get a safety bag to carry tomahawk you need to check is a bag is available for the design of your tomahawk.

Without wasting much time let us see the best tactical tomahawks which are military grade.

5 Best Military Grade Tactical Tomahawks | Tactical Tomahawks | Best Tomahawks of 2021

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5 best tactical tomahawks

SOG Tactical Tomahawks – Throwing Hatchet, Throwing Tomahawk, Survival Tactical Axe

  • 100% Built for tactical use, you can definitely rely on this hard cased axe to survive domestic and utility applications.
  • Light but heavy-duty, tactical throwing tomahawk is a superb survival tool. Throwing tomahawk boasts a sleek black blade finish for added durability.
  • Versatile to handle small wood chopping tasks.
  • These tomahawk throwing axe feature a razor-sharp 420 stainless steel hatchet blade.


M48 Ranger Tomahawk Axe with Lensatic Compass and Sheath


  • This tomahawk is made up of cast stainless steel axe head with spike.
  • Nylon reinforced handle will help you have the best grip while doing any activity with tomahawk.
  • A compass is included inside the package, best tactical tomahawk for camping and hiking.
  • Dimensions of this tomahawk are 15.5 x 3.5 x 2.4 inches.
  • Snap button sheath is included in this tomahawk.



SOG Tomahawk Pack of 3 – Throwing Hawks Throwing Axe Set and Full Tang Tactical

  • Built for multi purpose, Perfectly balanced tomahawks for beginners or professionals.
  • Each Throwing Hawk is designed with an ultra-sharp 2.4” blade that bites deep on every throw, perfect for your tomahawk throwing competitions.
  • Superior grip for handling and throwing.
  • This SOG tomahawk features removable para cord handles for your preferred grip/wrap.



CRKT Kangee Tomahawk with Sheath: T-Hawk with Spike, Black Powder Coated High Carbon Blade

  • Crafted from a single slab of high carbon steel, it’s robust enough to handle most anything you can think off.
  • This tomahawk does more than cut. It carves out a special place in your tactical gear bag, a perfect companion for your camping or hiking trips.
  • Well balanced and easily controlled tomahawk can destroy anything which comes in its path.
  • Full-length handle scales are checkered for secure handling.

United Cutlery M48 U.S.M.C. Tactical Tomahawk Axe

  • Uniquely crafted for campers and hikers, get the job done with this tomahawk.
  • Made of quality materials to make you satisfied while using this tomahawk, great grip and strong hold.
  • Dimensions of this tomahawk are 15.5 x 8 x 0.75 inches; 8 Ounces.
  • The steel blade of this tomahawk is extra sharp and smooth.


What to look out while buying a Tactical Tomahawk

There are certain qualities everyone looks out for in a tactical tomahawk

  • Does it cut through easily?
  • Is it comfortable to use?
  • How are all the components fitted?

If your tomahawk can answer all the above questions then you are carrying a perfect one, if your tomahawk does not answer the above questions then its time to upgrade from the given list of 5 best tactical tomahawks.

FAQ’s on Tactical Tomahawk

  • Is it Heavy Duty and Light Weight?

First thing to check while buying a tomahawk is the sturdiness and weight of it, whichever brand you might buy the tomahawk must be light weight and and should be able to cut through easily. It should have sharp blades and they should be rust free.

  • Construction of Tomahawk

Your tomahawk must be made of high quality stainless steel which will be corrosion and rust free. The blade should be such that it should be able to cut the toughest pieces of wood.

  • How should you carry a tactical tomahawk?

Tomahawks comes with a special protection bag to carry, this is because for the safety of the owner.The blades are very sharp so you should have a safe bag while carrying the tomahawk, if you do not own a protection bag for your tomahawk you must have one immediately.

Uses of Tactical Tomahawk

  • Camping and Hiking

If you are a regular adventurist who goes for camping or hiking then tomahawks are a must tool in your gear bag. These sharp edged tool can clear any obstacle in your path and make your camping easy. Cutting woods, chopping and other activities can be done using a tactical tomahawk.

  • Competitions

Many throwing competitions are played using tomahawks, very popular in USA and Canada. There are special type of tomahawks made for competitions, these are specially crafted by craftsmen.

Our choice of best Tactical Tomahawk

SOG Tactical Tomahawk wins the best among the above listed 5 tomahawks as it satisfies all the conditions of a perfect tomahawk.

  • Cuts through easily
  • Perfect grip
  • Heavy duty and light weight
  • Perfect for a tactician or a practical user
  • Multi functional tomahawk, can use used at home or in camping


This ends our search for best tactical tomahawk, we have listed and discussed the best tomahawk for you. Please mention in comments which tomahawk you use and the reason for using.

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