10 Best Yumeko Gif for Kakegurui Fans

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Kakegurui(かけがぐるい) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Homura Kawamoto and ran from 2012 to 2018. Yuki Yogo has adapted this manga into anime of the same name produced by MAPPA that aired on 2017-2018, which was then followed up with an OVA of Kakegurui xx. It also received two live-action film adaptations: one in South Korea and another in China, both released in 2018.

The Kakegurui manga series features Yumeko Jabami as the main protagonist who is introduced as a transfer student coming to Hyakkaou Private Academy, where classes are decided based on gambling matches called “Kurosu” (クロス). Yumeko Jabami is the Yandere for Yami Yugi. Yami is also known as Yako Katsuragi in the live action films, who is the yandere for Kaiba Seto.

Kakegurui characters are found here: Yumeko Jabami images. Yandere characters are found here: Yandere Simulator game, Kokona Haruka images, Midori Gurin , Yuna Hina images, Osana Najimi .

Yandere Definition according to Google Dictionary –  “A person (especially a woman) who is obsessed with someone else to the point of using violent and controlling behavior”.

The manga Kakegurui , written by Homura Kawamoto and illustrated by Tōru Naomura , is a story about a girl named Yumeko Jabami who has an unusual hobby. She gambles. She loves to gamble in high stakes games with people from every walk of life, from students to the rich elite.

Yumeko was just a regular girl who had nothing to do with gambling or high-stakes games. Her life changed when she got the offer to transfer to Hyakkaou Private Academy, where classes such as modern comprehensive psychology and kyōtsū kyōgi (cooperative games) were incorporated into the curriculum.

However, after accepting this strange proposal, Yumeko soon realized that something sinister was going on at Hyakkaou. It turned out that gambling really is everywhere in this school because the teachers are obsessed with making money and students love a good gamble! As a result of her innocent personality, Yumeko makes some unusual allies, including student council vice president Meari Saotome and karuta club member Kyō Takami. Will Yumeko be able to put an end to the school’s kyōtsū kyōgi and return to her normal life?

When kakegurui began airing in Japan on the 10 th of July 2017, it was an immediate hit. The manga had already been serialised since late 2014, but the anime has single-handedly pushed kakegurui into the mainstream. Despite its seemingly niche setting that revolves around gambling with high stakes, kakegurui ‘s quick wit and ability to draw in viewers with every new episode made kakegurui one of Fall 2017’s most popular shows. Here are 8 kakegurui characters who contributed to this success! Many people now started search for 10 Best Yumeko Gif for Kakegurui Fans.

Second-year student Yumeko Jabami is, at first glance, a beautiful, cheerful and intelligent high school girl who recently transferred to Hyakkaou Private Academy. But on the inside she is fierce, determined and possesses an insatiable appetite for money that gives her immense luck in games of chance which makes her more than qualified to attend Hyakkaou. However, this also causes troubles due to her kakegurui (which means gambling sickness) causing her to win almost every gamble she participates in. Having exposed kakegurui can lead to serious ramifications at school but since people are unable to comprehend how someone like Yumeko could have come from a regular family background without kakegurui manifesting, they simply label her as a kakekurosama (which means black-hole pupil) and ask nothing further.

However, this is not the case for classmate Meari Saotome who hates Yumeko with every fibre of her being but at the same time becomes envious of Yumeko’s kakegurui since she herself has kyominikui (which means ordinary pupil). This leads to her bullying Yumeko in an attempt to steal Yumeko’s luck away from her or force it unto herself. Unfortunately, despite Meari getting physically stronger, Yumeko remains invincible due to kakegurui.

10 Best Yumeko Gif for Kakegurui Fans | Yumejo Jabami GIF | Kakegurui GIF

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